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    Juma Ventures: Empowering your entrepreneurs.

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    Bay Area Wildness Training: Supporting youth to explore the outdoors.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center: Engaging youth in civil society.

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    Hidden Genius Project: Revealing genius within black male youth.

Our Mission

The Barrios Trust provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations, and individuals supporting high quality educational and developmental experiences for economically disadvantaged young people in the Oakland Metropolitan area.

Founded in Oakland in 1999, The Barrios Trust (TBT) provides support in the form of grants to youth-centered programs within our community. We focus on programs that encourage healthy habits of mind and body, nourish cultural diversity and educate the whole child. We prefer to support programs that integrate academic skills with enrichment activities in ways that help young people to develop skills, confidence and self-esteem and to reach their full potential.

Grant Submission Deadlines

We review grants in the Fall and Spring of each year. Our Fall submission deadline is August 31st and Spring deadline is March 15th.