Application Process

The Board reviews grant applications at meetings in the Spring and Fall. The deadline for submission of applications for the Spring meeting is March 15th and for the Fall meeting is August 31st.

For organizations who have received a grant from us within the last three years, click here to apply.

For all other organizations applying for a grant click here to apply.

The completed application should be submitted to

Primary Grant Consideration

Founded in Oakland in 1999, The Barrios Trust (TBT) provides support in the form of grants to youth-centered programs within the Oakland community. We focus on programs that encourage healthy habits of mind and body, nourish cultural diversity and educate the whole child. We prefer to support programs that integrate academic skills with enrichment activities in ways that help under-privileged young people develop skills, confidence and self-esteem and to reach their full potential.

Other Considerations

TBT will make grants to organizations determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be 501(c)(3) qualifying organizations. TBT will also award scholarships for individuals who fall within the spirit of our mission.

We provide up to three years of funding for an organizations during one funding cycle. Returning grantees need to wait for an additional three calendar years before reapplying for grants.

Grants can be used for both operational expenses as well as capital acquisition. TBT prefers to make grants that provide no more than one-third or an organization’s budget in any twelve-month period.

Geographic Area Served

Our grants are limited to the support of organizations and individuals in the greater Oakland Metropolitan area of Northern California.

Grant Range

Our grants range between $1,000 and $10,000.